de Nieuwe opdrachtgevers

les Nouveaux commanditaires

Hordaland kunstsenter at Norway: A conversation between Thérèse Legierse and Nina Möntmann in Hordaland Kunstsenter

On the 12th of September 2017 Thérèse Legierse (director De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers) and Nina Möntmann (curator of 'A New Product' in Hamburg) enter a discussion in Hordaland kunstsenter (NO).

In the seminar we will discuss the model as an alternative to the more established governmental practice in Norway, and question the need for public space and what actual user involvement and participations entails.

Thérèse Legierse will give an introduction to the model, and the talk about specific projects that has been realized by the New Patrons framework.

Nina Möntmann will share her experiences working as a curator for the project A New Product in Hamburg – a project she conducted together with Harun Farocki and a business consultancy. The result of the process was short film, which will be screened.

The seminar is the first in a series where Hordaland kunstsenter takes a closer look on user participation and involvment in the development of art projects in public space and in urban development projects.

The seminar is free and open to all. The presentations will be given in English.