de Nieuwe opdrachtgevers

les Nouveaux commanditaires


In response to the demand, mediators are experts in contemporary art capable of ensuring that its requirements are respected.

They have a track record of dialogues with artists and all the technical knowledge necessary to bring such a project to fruition and manage the public and private funding they request which will be granted to the association. Their work has to be one amongst other activities linked to art so that they keep close contact with the diversity of creation and its current forms.

Their independent role must be recognised so they can arbitrate and control the debate that needs to be organised between the artists and the patrons, as well as with other individuals or institutions who will be involved.

Their first role is to inform the social partners in the area where the project is meant to occur in the manner they deem most appropriate. They are attentive to all the players and evaluate with the patrons the feasibility and pertinence of their project bearing in mind the success of the artwork and the community in which it will be located. After establishing a relation between the artist and the patrons, they  search for and pool together public and private funds required while associating the patrons to this search or to supporting it through the technical or political particularities of the project.

The mediators are chosen by peers who assess the candidacies in light of experience since the task at hand is onerous and complex. The mediators become members of an association in which combined expertise contributes to answering the very diverse issues and contexts that arise.

The ensemble of mediators is gathered under an International Society of Nouveaux Commanditaires.